Martin J. Kraemer

Cyber Security | Human-Centred Privacy | Smart Home


I'm now a research consultant at VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. My team manages a research funding program in Cyber Security.

Previously, I was a doctoral student with the Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cyber Security, hosted at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford and supervised by Prof. Ivan Flechais and Dr. Helena Webb.

Martin has spent the past 10 years researching and working at the intersection of people and technology. Not only does he care deeply about the ways in which technology can improve lives, but is also critically aware of the societal impacts this can bring about.

Martin's doctoral research concerns privacy in human-centred-computing. His thesis explores, unpacks, and designs for the social organisation of smart device use in the home to empower privacy in familial (communal) settings. To this end, he has worked with members of the public in ethnographic, interview, and co-design studies. His main contribution is a framework that serves to empower people through product innovation by sensitising designers and researchers to the ethical challenges of communal use and privacy in the home.

Before starting his research career, Martin enabled large enterprises to empower their workforce and engage with their customers by extending core business processes to mobile smart phone applications. His consulting roles included developer, system architect, and project manager.

Striving to provide solutions to complex challenges, Martin is an efficient communicator, a fluent presenter, and an avid team player.

Short Bio


Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil)
University of Oxford, 2022 (completed)

MSc in Computer Science
The University of Edinburgh, 2016

BSc in Business Information Systems
Cooperative State University Baden-Wurttemberg (Mannheim), 2012


Research Consultant
VDI/VDE I+T GmbH, seit 2021

Technology Consultant
SAP (Schweiz) AG, 2012-2015

SAP SE, 2009-2012


October 2022 - Empowering privacy in the connected home: communal use of smart technologies (thesis). Doctor of Philosophy. Department of Computer Science and Linacre College, University of Oxford (accepted on June 30th 2022).
October 2022 - "It Becomes More of an Abstract Idea, this Privacy" - Informing the Design for Communal Privacy Experiences in Smart Homes (journal paper preprint).
October 2022 - I just uploaded an old report on some research that did not become part of my thesis but was pivotal to my PhD journey: Exploring Social Acceptability and Expectations in Communal Use of Smart Home Devices (Research Report) from July 2020.

August 2021 - I've joined VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik GmbH as a research consultant in Cyber Security. I still pursue my research interests. Do get in touch.
April 2021 - web site updated Check out the projects page. Particularly the "Empowering Households" section.
March 2021 - Context - Privacy Engineering in Smart Homes (Guest Lecture). Data Security and Privacy, MSc in Software and Systems Security. Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.
January 2021 - "It did not give me an option to decline": A Longitudinal Analysis of the User Experience of Security and Privacy in Smart Home Products. (Paper, 2nd author) accepted to CHI 2021 in Yokohama, Japan.

November 2020 - Approaching Data Protection by Design in Connected Communal Spaces. A Case for Contextualised Participatory Design. (Article). 2020 Yearbook, Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security. University of Oxford.
November 2020 - Explicating Communal Use of `Smart' Technology in the Home. (Talk). Brown Bag Seminar at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Virtual Event.
October 2020 - Context - Privacy Engineering in Smart Homes (Guest Lecture). Data Security and Privacy, MSc in Software and Systems Security. Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.
October 2020 - Beyond the Individual: Exploring Data Protection by Design in Connected Communal Spaces. (Talk) at the 2020 USENIX Conference on Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect (PEPR 20). Virtual event.
June 2020 - Human-Centred-Computing DPhil Symposium (virtual) Co-organised event with 20+ participants and presented my recent work
March 2020 - Responsibility and privacy: Caring for a dependent in a digital age (Workshop Paper) accepted to Privacy and Power the Networked Privacy Workshop at CHI 2020 in Hawaii, USA.
February 2020 - Navigating Communal Use of Smart Home Devices (Article) in Linacre News (college magazine)
February 2020 - Further Exploring Communal Use in Smart Homes (Extended Abstract) accepted to CHI 2020 in Hawaii, USA.
January 2020 - Informing the design of privacy-empowering tools for the connected home (Paper, 2nd author) accepted to CHI 2020 in Hawaii, USA.

September 2019 - Smart home study weighs the privacy risks involved. (Report) published in Privacy Laws & Business, UK. Issue 105. September 2019.
September 2019 - Exploring Communal Technology Use in the Home. Conference paper (peer-reviewed) accepted to Halfway to the Future Symposium in Nottingham, UK
March 2019 - Informing the Future of Data Protection in Smart Homes. Workshop paper accepted to CHI 19 Workshop on New Directions for the IoT: Automate, Share, Build, and Care in Glasgow, UK

October 2018 - Disentangling Privacy in Smart Homes. Empowering Users' Practices. (Talk). CDT Showcase Day, Oxford, UK
September 2018 - Disentangling Privacy in Smart Homes. Position Paper. (Talk). PrivaCI, Princeton, NJ, USA
April 2018 - Preserving Privacy in Smart Homes: A Socio-Cultural Approach. (Talk). Doctoral Consortium. CHI 2018, Montreal
March 2018 - Researching Privacy in Smart Homes: A Roadmap of Future Directions and Research Methods. (Paper). Living in the Internet of Things, an IET conference
February 2017 - New version of mh-prize framework published [ more]
October 2016 - Poster presented at CCS 2016 in Vienna, Austria | announcement by The University of Edinburgh