What about these scales?

Gagdets for eHealth applications are readily available on the market. In a range from fitness trackers over smart bathroom scales to blood preasure monitors they allow us to monitor our bodies as a daily routine comfortably.

Where we collect personal data, especially health related data, the security of such monitors and our privacy are paramount for us as users. Our study on smart bathroom scales is a first step towards a comprehensive and methodological analysis. On these pages we present our results.

Research & Disclosure

This research was carried out as part of an MSc thesis undertaken at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Prof. David Aspinall. The analysis was run between May and August 2016. For reference products and software versions are specified in detail on the respective pages. After finishing our analysis we notified all vendors about our research and results on their products. We also offered to advise them on how to fix or avoid issues. As mentioned on product pages subsequently some vendors provided updates and fixes for their products based on our findings.


M. Krämer. Health Monitors Under The Magnifying Glass: A Privacy And Security Study. Master thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2016. [Download]

Krämer, Aspinall, Wolters. POSTER: Weighing in eHealth Security - A Security and Privacy Study of Smart Scales. [Download]
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, ACM, 2016

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