Health Monitors Under The Magnifying Glass
How secure is consumer IoT?

Comparitive data security and privacy analysis of eight ‘smart’ bathroom scales. Developed a research framework to support on data security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


Exploring Home User Privacy
How do people use internet-connected technologies at home?

Exploration of household technology use with a focus on ‘smart’ home products. A series of semi-structured interviews revealed the ways in which device use in the home is communal.


Unpacking Communal Use
What is household privacy in smart homes?

Ethnographic study to unpack privacy in the eyes of users and with regards to smart home devices.

2019 – 2020

Informing Privacy Innovation
How can we inform data protection by design for communal spaces?

Proposed research methods, tools, and frameworks to inform data protection by design.

2019 – 2021

Empowering Households
How can we empower household’s privacy in smart homes?

Discussed and developed research artefacts to illustrate a stronger research and design focus on communal use.

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